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Km to miles converter calculator

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Grams to carats g to ct. Millimeters to micrometers mm to µm.

Inches to feet in to ft. Feet to fathoms ft to ftm. Meters to millimeters m to mm. Acres to square meters ac to sq m. Metric - Imperial Conversions. Kilometers to yards km to yd. Cubic meters to liters m3 to l.

Ounces to grams oz to gr. Grains to grams gr to g. Grams to tablespoons [water] g to tbsp. Stones to pounds st to lb! Milliliters to micrograms [water] ml to mcg. Mom in balance amsterdam to kilograms st to kg. Nanometers to micrometers nm to m.

Cups to grams [water] c to g.

Length Conversion

Grams to teaspoons [water] g to tsp. Micrograms to milligrams mcg to mg. Kilometers to feet km to ft. Carats to ounces ct to oz. Kilograms to grams kg to g. Quarts to cups qt to c.

  • Kilometers to yards km to yd. Millimeters to decimeters mm to dm.
  • Mm to in millimeters to inches.

In to mm inches to millimeters. Teaspoons to cups tsp to cup. Grains to ounces gr to oz. Gallons to cubic feet gal to cu ft or gal to ft3.

Meters to fathoms m to ftm. Kilometers to decimeters km to dm.

Coordinate Converter

Square feet to square yards sq ft to sq yd. Milligrams to pounds mg to lb. Centimeters to nanometers cm to nm. Pounds to milligrams lb to mg.

Milliliters to cubic centimeters ml to cc. Mm to in millimeters to inches. Square centimeters to square millimeters sq cm to sq mm. Inches to feet in to ft. Acres to square feet ac to sq ft, km to miles converter calculator. Decimeters to millimeters dm to mm.

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Troy ounces to grams ozt to g. Centimeters to decimeters cm to dm. Pounds to short tons US lb to t. Metric Horsepower to Kilowatt metric hp to kW.

Millimeters to microns mm to m. Feet to miles ft to mi. Teaspoons to milliliters tsp to ml. Square miles to acres sq mi to ac. Feet to millimeters km to miles converter calculator to mm. Ounces to troy ounces oz to ozt? Kilometers to nautical miles km to nmi.

Internet Tools

Millimeters to decimeters mm to dm. Nanometers to meters nm to m. Feet to kilometers ft to km. Square meters to acres sq m to ac.

Daily Calorie Intake Calculator. Meters to fathoms m to ftm. Nanometers to centimeters nm to cm.

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      Pints to cups pt to c. Meters to feet m to ft.

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      Miles to nautical miles mi to nmi. Grams to milliliters [water] g to ml.

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      Inches to centimeters in to cm. Pounds to grams lb to g.

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