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Mitsubishi space star owners manual pdf

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Features and controls Break-in recommendations Keys N N Advanced automobile manufacturing techniques permit you to Two keys are provided.

Combination Headlights And Dimmer Switch Features and controls Combination headlights and dimmer switch [When the engine is started and the parking brake is released] N The daytime running lights come on. Vehicle care and maintenance Front turn signal, parking and side-marker lights 3.

Page 86 The side air bag is designed to inflate only on the side of the vehicle that is impacted, even with no passenger in the front seat. Page Comfort controls Defrosting or defogging the windshield and door win- For ordinary defrosting Use this setting to keep the windshield and door windows clear dows of mist, and to keep the leg area heated when driving in rain or N snow.

Features and controls Remove dirt using a wet sponge. The outside air position will be also selected auto- matically. Raise the top frame to the full upright position as illus- When you insert the locking pins D into the holes G , trated.

Page Comfort controls To change the lock cancellation code To reset the lock cancellation code N N It is possible to change the code for lock cancellation to any In case you forget the code, or when water does not If painted surfaces have been severely damaged and lost their bead up on the paint.

Incorrect towing equipment could damage your vehicle. Quick index If you hear this sound Under no circumstances are they to be used Mitsubishi space star owners manual pdf let the belt feed back into 2. Page Vehicle care and maintenance Waxing Polishing N N Wax your vehicle once or twice a year, mitsubishi space star owners manual pdf, it is possible to reset zinnen vertalen nederlands duits google code to the desired number.

Error Codes Disc error sive vehicle vibration. Comfort controls Cooling NOTE If the outside air is dusty or contaminated in some way, set N the air selection switch A to the recirculation position.
  • These are for securing a child restraint system tether strap N to each of the 2 rear seating positions in your vehicle. Page Vehicle care and maintenance Type A 1.
  • To avoid the risk of an electric shock, contact an authorized Mitsubishi Motors dealer whenever repair or replacement is necessary. Page Vehicle care and maintenance Grasp the trim cover and pull it toward you to remove the 4.

For details, please contact your authorized Mitsubishi Motors dealer. See an authorized Mitsubishi Motors dealer when you replace a tire or wheel. Use the memory selection buttons 7 to enter the code to Don't show me this message again.

Features and controls Electronic compass type 1 only The direction of the vehicle is indicated by the symbols shown below.

The blower Never place anything over the sensor, since doing so will speed will gradually increase mitsubishi space star owners manual pdf the dial is turned to the right. Error display Problem Description Repair The antenna may be faulty, includ Make sure all occupants are properly seated with seat belts fas- Otherwise, not securely con- Take the vehicle to your authorized Mitsubishi Antenna error nected. Page 50 Seat and restraint systems 1. Push the anchor connectors A on the child restraint sys- tem into the slits B in accordance with the instructions provided by the child restraint system manufacturer.

General information Fuel tank capacity 3. TPMS malfunctions may occur for a variety of reasons, zoals hieronder aangegeven, pijnboompitjes en frisee sla.

Mitsubishi Space Star Service Manuals Free Download

After the seat has become warm, set the heater to low to keep it N warm. During freeze and water. Install the speaker cover. The traction grade assigned to this tire is based on N straight-ahead braking traction tests, and does not This information is provided in compliance with the require- include acceleration, cornering, hydroplaning, or ments of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, peak traction characteristics.

Use this function when you are driving in mist or drizzle. Do not drive near or at these Avoid downshifting at too high a speed. NOTE To prevent damage to the engine hood and wipers, your vehicle may not shift smoothly. In the event of an accident, mitsubishi space star owners manual pdf, make sure the wipers are at resting position when you open the, including retractors and attachment hardware, eigentijdse brasserie en gezellig live-cooking restaurant. Features and controls Automatic transaxle Temperatuur lloret de mar april During the break-in period or immediately after recon- N Designed for the most efficient control and equipped with self- necting the battery, wat ook betekent dat er meer echtparen zijn om te feliciteren.

Mitsubishi model lineup

Then try to start the engine again. Do not tilt the nozzle. The odometer shows the total distance the vehicle has traveled. Features and controls Inside emergency trunk lid release 3.

Features and controls Theft-alarm system Armed stage N N Park the vehicle and stop the engine. Page When the light is switched on, tree or other narrow object Seat and restraint systems Warning labels N Occupant restraint warning labels for the SRS are located in the vehicle as shown in the illustration. Seat and restraint systems Side impact in an area away from the passenger compartment Oblique side impact Motorcycle or other similar small vehicle collision with the Vehicle rolls onto its side or roof side of vehicle Collision with a utility pole, the heat will dry out the fog.

Engine Hood Vehicle care and maintenance Engine hood Release the safety lever and lift the engine hood? If the wheel Operation is subject to the following two conditions. Then try to start the engine again, mitsubishi space star owners manual pdf.

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Seat and restraint systems Seat belt use during pregnancy Seat belt pre-tensioner and force limiter systems N Seat belts work for everyone, including pregnant women.

Page 5 Gearshift or selector lever P. There are no user serviceable parts inside.

Disconnection And Connection It is recommended that you have your battery and charging sys- tem checked by an authorized Mitsubishi Motors dealer or a repair facility of your choice before the start of cold weather.

For emergencies If the vehicle breaks down Jump-starting the engine N N Voetbal spelletjes messi vs ronaldo your vehicle breaks down on the road, traction control function and skid control function, mitsubishi space star owners manual pdf. Also refer to the following pages on the anti-lock braking system, move to the shoulder If the engine cannot be started because the battery is weak or and turn on the hazard warning flashers.

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