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Trials in tainted space save editor

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Forces the Treatment to use the Cum-Cow effects. Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Fenoxo The Horny?

While wandering the Old Forest north of town, you can now encounter the effete centaur fuckboy Sugo. No, create an account now. Value of the item's shield defense. Help her claim that Oxonium, admit her complete and total infatuation, and join you onboard! Note that cloud saving is for backer accounts only. Raw value of intelligence. The arrays are as follows:.

Current value of the character's level. Big props to Gedan for helping us out with this. Please verify your age I am at least 18 years old Remember me. TL;DR for the greatest showman bioscoop leiden release: A bit of polish, and then I can get into actually moving her onboard and adjusting her scenes. August 27, at Multiplier to determine the scaled value of the penis knot.

As usual, use at your own risk. But otherwise I am not sure. We catching up, boys!
  • What kind of energy weapons can we expect from the Myrellion shop?
  • Item currently occupying the shield generator slot. It should  be a simple write.

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Value of the character's genital location. Skip to a certain part of Akane's first quest. The game has various cheat codes that can be inputted by the player. In my opinion sure a viewer would be nice but the person making the thing srsly needs to back it up with art and body pieces for the thing. This page was last modified on 17 September , at While this page is primarily used for reference, do note that, as a player, you are responsible for your actions in the game--this includes using cheats and exploits.

  • Array of inventory slots containing items located on the character's person.
  • No, create an account now.

Amount of usable perk points to attain various class -related perks. Fixed name save now saves to uniqueName as well. A stat editor  which this appears to be atm is nice. Modified value of breast size derived from the Honeypot gene. See the original post for download.

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However I do need contextual information. August 28, at 3: The vagina and anus fall under the "Vagina" class of organ objects which contain the following properties:.

The "PregnancyData" array consists of active and inactive "wombs" which contain the following properties:.

Brings up a menu with a list of special holidays? Forces the Treatment to use the Male effects. Edit your character information as desired. Value of the item's critical damage. The saves are stored on your computer. As mentioned above - more is coming.

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You must log in or sign up to post here. August 29, at 5: But likely not much beyond that. For out-of-game game-editing references, try the save editing page. Length of ears for ear types that support it.

  • August 29, at 3:
  • Well at least it's a start, maybe some others in the community will be inspired by this and decide to help which would make the workload easier.
  • Length of ears for ear types that support it.
  • If you do not see any of these menus, ensure you are using a supported browser.

Note that a number value can be considered an integer if no decimals are present in its value. Raw value of cum production's cum quality also known as Virility. Amount of class -specific perks available for the player character to gain! Please keep in mind any changes or alterations are limited by the game itself. Cloud-based saving is also a thing now, done via the blog, adviseert hij om zijn hele salaris te sparen.

Big props to Gedan for helping us out with this. There are two file variants the game can save to:. Array with the collection of resistance information. Play Here Support Here 0, trials in tainted space save editor.

It should  be a simple write. This makes life so much easier! It's doable but shouldn't be done, as it will lead to people complaining in bug reports that their games are fucked up.

The values for a storage object are as follows:. If you are, try playing in a different supported browser. This can be done in two ways:.

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